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In the Wee Hours


beauty010980c73b6a000b01240bc1c2b1860e-120sitender gentle you.. touch lightly as love enters..
soft like petals on a young flower.. moist with the morning dew..upon it..beads of wetness fall to the ground.. you move see me.. your face lites up ..lites me..all a glow

will i dream tonight..will i see your face.. touch your skin.. touch your life..
will you touch me..
 slumber befalls me..sleep comes.. rest is.. here is where i wait..
will i dream of you tonight..

dreamy you dreamy me..
dream my dear.. and i will dream of you..
 at times you travel with me other parts of the sea.. sometimes taking me to the sky’s.. other times deep below.. dry lands..yet..always  special you  and me..
will you come tonight i long to see your face..
do you wait for me..
is it possible ..we connect..or..we miss the time..the place ..and..
all is lost for yet another eternity.Naughty Wednesday


S’more Stuff


 birds chirping .. singing their song .. the way they do.. crows..  crowing .. not as pretty as you … first light is upon us..  sky turns to bright.. few cars .. the dogs bark in the nite.. cats caterwauling.. meow if you will .. squirrels clicking’ as morning opens up..  hummingbirds hum  a song or two… break.. lovely.. as we welcome a breeze ..quietly the sheer curtains move..  air fresh.. slight rosemary scent ..over there jasmine .. a fragrant world .. colors so true… thinking cool n’ bright blue.. love is in bloom.. spring is here.. a time for puppy love and mature alike.. as flowers cling along above.. peek through fences. .reaching to roofs.. reminds me of tabby cat .. roof top to roof top.. fun n’ play forever in the day.. love always the way.. automobiles .. congested streets.. fragrant flowers fade.. the birds quiet .. as silent.. while the kitties take cover .. in their dens..


they purr.. till darkness covers sky again.. and.. automobiles are few.. congestion is gone.. and it almost seems a new.. and all the little’s’ play… as they do…





early morning.. a good time-quietly i sit- cat close.. breeze drifting in.. lovely cool- wet drops linger on big machines..moisture a top green grass- lies –  the road shakes ever so lightly.. big machines again.. the world is still asleep  the earliest of early mornings..

hot hot days- sun bakes on everything under it..below .. air conditioners run.. humming all around the courtyard.. hum drum hum drum.. voices echo man woman children..  my favs.. the barks the meows..
 along with all..  mother natures lovely sounds..  crickets pulsate in the warm ..of the..very early morn–

 backyard- everyone looking for the cool.. while trying to keep there’s.  hot baked sunshine.. early morning  best.. cool quiet.. still.. the breeze ..blows calmly by.. caresses skin like a tender kiss..cooling off-out back…

this early morning.. air cool.. nice..clean drops of dew.. the flowers.. petals.. moist as lips..should be.. shiny cars lights sparkle.. up at me..twinkle in the morning dew.. cool morning it is..machines fly ..across the sky..where to- a far away landing.. the big birds with metal wings  ..younger days ..wonder why.. big folks know.. tiny tykes question..
my place my seat.. the tree looks through to me.. branches leaves sway..  a wonderful way.. gusts  rip the greenery ..almost splits bark open..  earth shakes..  windows creak.. windy city tonight.. cats and squirrels scat..  shelter a friend this eve..leaves tumble down the road.. palms sway this way and that.. almost bending….the acrobat.. gusty windy city.. all in tonight.. the animals a there shelter..holding tight..
lazy sleepy morning time-ever peaceful ..stars closing there eyes returning to the blanket of the sky..til.. another clear night ..they sparkle n’ burn …
i look here.. there ..all around –  encompass .. delicate ..bold’ matter how old.. colors blend.. pop ..jump out..a lovely collage’

the day is breaking first dawn nearing.. colors appear..not quite vibrant.. moisture on the steel machines sitting at the curb..heavy duty rubber ready to roll..along the concrete tarmac..

Warm Nights


a tabby stalking WARM NIGHTS                 

greenleaf standing quietly no breeze to move the leaves
flowers stand erect..pretty colors
big n’ small there all along
the courtyard..
little nite lights glow in the late night
looking inviting but not so
morning comes quickly we wait for the sun
n’ the day to open .. the cool air turns to a
warm breeze..
the erect flower slumps a little
the late evening.. its leaves dance in the calm wind
drops to the ground
what a day its been
then we invite you in
to stay