Monthly Archives: August 2012

Bare Lands


rain drops ..falling sky..clear colors translucent blues and yellows..
tasting spring ..feeding the flowers..along the way..grass shimmers as drops gently lay ..lightly on pastures..meadows..see for miles..if you could.. then.. out in the bare lands ..mud  .. like clay.. red-orange thickness… there.


I let myself  bathe in the beauty ..not wanting it to end.. those eyes.. only..the eyes of you.


Vermilion Cliffs

Vermilion Cliffs (Photo credit: ah zut)

looking out..
new succulents..cactus ..tough
yet fragile..
like you..
looking in..


clear and warm are the days..sometimes haze .. fog is ok..
dusk peeks. .open eyes..  over the hill.. light flows high. waiting for you..silhouettes ..trees hills..rolling lovely.. as you stand tall..waiting for me..good morning my love..

images in mind.. clouds fluffy white..think of you.. all is
right..missing you in the warm days and the summer night..morning hours.. you run wild in my mind..enjoy the and mine..images





Background noise low hum.. cars zoom freeways boom.. deep growl high pitch a cat.. love war.. squirrels wake.. chit-chat sparrow sings a pretty tune.. back yard a bark.. a city in disbelief.. nature sounds early morning awake.. lighter sky the day is at break.. suns up rays of warm light.. a heat extreme opposite moonbeam.