Monthly Archives: December 2012



Early evening.. sun goes down .. cool breeze .. fragrant smell of flowers blow through the windows ..
wind chimes singing  as the quiet wind touches .. watering lawns .. plants grow colored petals ..
kitties at the door .. cats in the window .. cooling after the heat .. fans running  the evening..
a long warm day at end .. water bottle stands tall .. a cool drink .. ice cream for two .. prepare chilled fruit .. cheese ..  crackers ..potatoe salad .. dinning light tonight .. my love and I .. kitty eats after a game of catch .. outside the courtyard .. above the pink sunset .. of you .. me .. my love and I .. the day closes and the dark evening is above us .. a black canvas .. sparkles all around .. stars are for wishing .. holding you near .
Inside waiting .. dreams will come soon .. linger in slumber and wait for your touch ..  awake with all wonder . .I love you dear much ..