A Child questions Flowers..


One of my many favorites from cryinforthedyin blog. Check it out I’m sure you’ll fine something you’ll enjoy as well. .He writes with raw feeling.

Cryinforthedyin's Blog

on that sunny day when memories would come.. in the peaceful child mind watching leaves of Autumn..

believe it was in June perhaps July Summer fun.. one of those days when laughter.. sets troubles on the run..

on such a time no sign of crime or thoughts of confused minds.. a day when I knew  certain my path fulfilled in ‘kind’.. a youngster about ten or twelve with slingshot.. skateboard true.. said ‘you speak to flowers.. do they speak to you?’ 

calm came realization thoughts of stars and trees.. founded by a faith that past times brought me to my knees.. answered most sincerely.. answered sure and true.. ‘the peaceful flower speaks in beauty.. to me as to you’..

never have I walked a path where plants conspired war.. never have I seen evil like found on mankind’s floor.. flowers in their splendor.. natural and free.. bring naught but quiet…

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