Monthly Archives: October 2013



In the night
your body next to mine..                            
sounds.. a little whine..
feeling ..movements ..
hearing.. groans ..
baby close .. warming legs..
family love.. three together ..
complete .. home.
Out in the day
cool crisp air
fresh love everywhere
clean sunshine..
sparkles.. look at you
sun gleams.. leaves sway.. gentle air
clouds..fluffy light.. softly move away..
sky clears to blue
and inside..
curtain moves lovely like you.




Cool morning.. feels good
hot days warm nights
top covers.. night slumber.. comes late
cool breeze.. cozy evenings..cuddle..snuggle
under cover
hide .. seek ..warm toes body heat
toaster.. oven like
warmth from the soul out.. radiates into me
loving together.. feeling fine .. any weather..
darkness earlier .. light sunshine later..
time changes as things do..


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