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Cat of Kazan, mind of Astrakhan, reason of Sib...

Cat of Kazan

the morning is a good time to write.. mind clear thoughts crystal.. quiet peaceful early sounds.. a cricket outside.. a heavy breath.. a tiny snore  from a loved one.. feline or other.. then comes the clash of the blinds.. who.. but the furry little one saying..’ wake up it’s time to eat’.. or.. who really knows.. who cares.. it’s sweet.. sometimes sweeter than others.. sometime bitter-sweet.. the pitter-patter of tiny paws.. I’m up now.. they follow along to the bath.. they wait.. sometimes quietly.. other times not so.. then into the kitchen .. they both scramble for the number one spot.. close to mom.. close to the food.. they eat.. what a joy it is.. morning.

further on… loud purrs and pats.. hair flies like feathers or snowflakes.. no snow in many a year.. it’s sense lasts in mind as touch of fur beneath my fingers..and luminescent green eyes sparkle as a far away star.. captures all the love.. feelings deep within.. sneak a peek.. cool air through the window pane.. further.. it’s dark with moisture rising.. the steel machines are wet.. the grass glistens.. she sees more than I.. meows.. time to smell.. time to run.. time to move.. now we go.

later.. the wind howling.. all along trees sway..  palms fall.. squirrels n’ cats scat from the night gusts.. leaves tumble.. morning strong.. scent flowers n’ earth.. fresh and new.

again..so quiet.. miles away.. cars zoom along freeway.. airplane overhead.. cold damp breeze pours through open windows..  kitty warms my lap.. keeps it cozy.


Middle of the week.. morning..  another month.. how time passes.. careful..  it will run pass you.. rain.. light pitter-patter.. enjoy crisp sounds.. fresh smells.. crystal smiles up from the grass.. drops hang from a tree.. slowly make way to the ground… glistens up.. background.. black night sky.